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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2006|12:32 am]
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There was no one else [Jun. 20th, 2005|11:27 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |Underdog]

I apologize but it got a little confusing and annoying and I started to feel like some of these people were just there and there was no connection. So I pretty much deleted the ones that didn't comment on that entry staying entry. ♥

CUT Below

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I can't explain what happened, and I can't erase the things that I've done [Jun. 18th, 2005|09:10 am]
[Current Mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]
[Current Music |Beautiful Disaster]

I have the worst heartburn ever, at least that's what I think it is. But it hurts extremely and I really want it to stop? It woke me up and that was like half and hour ago. I'm kinda really scared. It's like only one side. Oh that's probably because my hearts on that side. Haha. I've been having it for like the past month, but only when I laughed or moved a certain way, and it wasn't nearly as bad as this. This time it's like...constant. It doesn't stop. Oh well. I hope I don't die.

I reffed yesterday, and it was actually not bad at all. The game I did before that was like crazy with the parents/coaches. But apparantly you do get much better each and every time. But yeah the coaches said good job and my old assitant principal was there with his wife because his son was playing. Oh, at the end. The gray team was winning 2-1...green team is near their goal. I'm giving a few extra seconds because someone was wasting time before in that quarter, and right when i blow the whistle, a green player shoots and scores. So their all like "Does it count?!" and I said no, since it was like right after I pretty much already blew the whistle. And this really old grandpa stands up and raises his arms in the air and goes "COME ON!!!!" It was the most amusing thing.

Then I had my own game. And I was in the playing mood, like so much. I didn't slack off at all, and actually ran through the whole game. (Usually I don't give a shit enough to waste my energy.) But yeah it was POURING rain, and we were soaked from head to toe. But it was still a good time anyway.

Read my last entry incase you haven't. It might be important.

Only ones staying so far are... hott_pink_xx need2live07 innamorato14559 fuckyourmyspace + a few that I love either way
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2005|08:33 pm]
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Just to refresh. [Feb. 26th, 2005|11:54 pm]

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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2004|01:12 pm]
Wish me luck for the next 3 days!!! Especially Wednesday.

Ah I just better not get completely sick.

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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2004|03:32 pm]
Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2004|01:13 pm]
Leave a comment saying a random thing.

Because I'm bored, and I like comments.


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Um yeah [Sep. 2nd, 2004|01:40 pm]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]
[Current Music |98 pxy]

Haha I was bored last night, so I made this little thingy...

Haha Yeahhh
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poopers [Aug. 26th, 2004|10:51 am]
ahhh crackers in love with me :DDDD...thought i'd let everyone know

(and no, dita didnt write this, it was all ivana....)
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Empty Apartment-YC [Apr. 23rd, 2004|08:13 pm]
It's okay to be angry and never let go
It only gets harder the more that you know
When you get lonely if no one's around
You know that I'll catch you when you're falling down
We came together but you left alone
And I know how it feels to walk out on your own
Maybe someday I will see you again
And you'll look me in my eyes and call me your friend
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**Friends Only** [Apr. 13th, 2004|10:49 pm]

My L.J is now Friends Only

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